ma’am im sorry but that baby was due today, i don’t care if its not done just turn in what you have


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a collection of Chris Evans’s laughter to make you laugh in less than 5 seconds


Remember Champ, the happiest dog in the world? His owner, Candice Sedighan, just shared with us a new series of photos she’s taken of the adorable dog and his new found friends. Recently, Candice ran into a man who was holding chicks in a box. “He asked me if I think any factories would want them, but I offered to take them instead so I could find them a safer home. I bought all the necessary supplies to keep them comfortable and healthy for a few days, and will be donating them to a local college’s teaching farm.” See more photos of Champ and his adventures via Instagram.


What’s your favorite tv show?

Before: “Well I love this one show but this show is also great, oh but this one for the comedy genre… or maybe this one?


my roommate, who doesn’t even watch orphan black, is still laughing about titty malaysia just from me referencing it at dinner once

today she walked in while i was watching something and just said “titty malaysia” and giggled



Delphine and Cosima vs. Delphine and Sarah-as-Cosima

they’re literally the same person what the hell tatiana? In the first gif she’s tonguing evelyne like her tonsils hold the cure for cancer and then in the second she’s absolutely disgusted by her to the point of cringing away from physical contact. HOW 

she’s tonguing evelyne like her tonsils hold the cure for cancer


i need orphan black bloopers more than i need college education

  1. the meaning behind my url: possibly the greatest utterance of phd student cosima niehaus
  2. weakness: listening to someone ramble about the thing they love i l i v e for that experience
  3. why I love my best friend(s): they allow me to ramble about things i love and listen to me complain with no complaints about it and are very supportive and accepting and great
  4. last time I cried and why: last tuesday? big fight with newish friends that don’t understand me completely yet
  5. piercings I have: two wholes in each ear
  6. favorite band/s: coldplay, arctic monkeys, foster the people, m.i.a. 
  7. biggest turn off(s): people who dampen enthusiasm, casual misogyny
  8. tattoos I want: an anatomically correct heart, some form of flower on my shoulder, this silly duck that my mom draws
  9. biggest turn on(s): enthusiasm, kindness, humor
  10. age: 19
  11. ideas of a perfect date: going to a movie and ice cream or staying in and watching television and an immense amount of spooning
  12. life goal(s): to create or write for a tv show. anything in television really, i’ll hold a boom idgaf
  13. piercings I want: i saw a cool ear one once that i’d like but idk the name of it
  14. relationship status: n/a
  15. favourite movie: young frankenstein or when harry met sally
  16. phobia: rejection, clowns, disappointing my mother
  17. name: kelsey!

Stark’s + their honor  -  4.03


seduce me with in-depth character analysis